Best Tactical Backpacks For Hiking And Other Outdoor Activities

If you love the outdoors, and you are looking for the perfect survival bag or just something to carry your tools and supplies in, finding the best tactical backpack is an important choice to make.

Tactical backpacks are the perfect choice for those who love the outdoors, as they often feature everything you could need in a carrying device. These backpacks are great for hikers, law enforcement, military members, and any high-adventure activities.

How, though, do you know which tactical backpack is the right choice for you? There are plenty out there on the market, but everyone has specific needs and desires from their bag.

The following is a list, in no particular order, of 9 of the best tactical backpacks out there, based on reviews and features. One of these great bags is bound to be everything you are looking for.


1. 5.11 Tactical Rush 72 Tactical Backpack

This brand’s RUSH series offers bags of multiple sizes, with this bag being the largest. It is intended to have enough space for food storage, supplies, and gear for up to three days. It’s great for those extended hikes, or for those jobs which require you to be out for up to 72 hours. It’s an unfortunate reality of many rescue workers and deployed military officers, but with a bag like this, it makes it a little easier.

With its array of storage options and spots, this backpack is incredibly durable and can easily double as a “regular” backpack when needed. The RUSH 72 is perfect for those who need a bag for emergency supplies, food, water, and anything you could need. It is designed to withstand all kinds of conditions and upholds beautifully.


  • Readily withstands all kinds of weather conditions, including floods, to keep your equipment and supplies safe and dry
  • Incredibly durable and can be used for a VERY long time.
  • Easily adaptable to any situation.


  • When fully loaded, a bit difficult for long-distance carrying.
  • You may have to take off the bag to reach some of the smaller pockets.
  • They do not offer many removable exterior bags, as some others do.

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2. Condor 3 Day Assault Pack

This pack has a serious name, because it is intended for a serious purpose. It was designed and built for extreme situations that may require extra clothes, blankets, food, medicine, and other emergency supplies, such as for risky rescue operations. It was carefully designed, with the most important rule of emergency gear kept close in mind – versatility is key.

Its durable materials mean that maps, documents, supplies, and everything in the bag will be kept safe and dry no matter the conditions, Upon reaching your charge, you can easily give them everything they need.

With a padded back and fabric that is tough as nails, this backpack means serious business. It is a perfect bag for those who risk it all for others, or those who take risks that leave themselves in potentially dangerous conditions. It has enough space and pockets to be incredibly versatile in its storage, and it is a perfect lifelong companion.


  • Incredibly versatile, with many pockets, webbing, and Velcro straps for security.
  • Even when full, this bag is comfortable.
  • Purpose-built for extreme situations
  • Check CircleLarge enough to fit the necessary supplies.
  • Check CircleDouble-stitched for extra security of materials.


  • If you are not one for massively extreme situations, this bag may be too large for you.
  • Since this bag is most likely too large for combat situations, something like reflective materials could be a lifesaver to make you more visible.

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3. Red Rock Outdoor Gear Assault Pack

This seemingly compact pack is quite expandable. Once you unleash the expansion straps, it has the space and ability to accommodate multiple days’ worth of gear and supplies, for long treks through the forest or black ops missions. Though perhaps you may not be intending to use it for these purposes, this backpack will not leave you disappointed.

With a smaller pricetag than many other comparable packs, the Red Rock Assault Pack is the perfect “first” tactical backpack for newbies. It is relatively lightweight, pretty durable, and has plenty of space. While not as ergonomic as some of its competitors, it is a reasonably priced pack that is perfectly suited for those who are not yet sure what they want in a backpack.


  • Lots of pockets and features
  • Great starter pack and has almost anything you need
  • Despite its space capabilities, it is quite compact and unlikely to wear you out quickly.
  • Check CircleShoulder straps padded for easier, more comfortable carrying over long distances


  • If you extend all of the pockets, like the main one, it can become a bit bulky.
  • Simplistic in design, so it does not “look” too stylish.
  • banSome of the webbing is too tight.

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4. G4Free Outdoor

If all these packs sound a little too big for you, then the G4Free Outdoor Sling Pack may be exactly what you need. It is small and compact, making it easily transportable for all kinds of situations. This is the kind of backpack perfectly suited for emergency responders, ice climbers, special ops soldiers, and the like. With plenty of loops and snaps despite its size, this may be one of the most versatile packs on this list.

It is also a great companion for hunters and sportsmen, with a compact and unobtrusive size that can be easily adjusted. You can readily carry necessary supplies for emergencies, without causing a hindrance to yourself.


  • Incredibly compact size so never too bulky
  • With a versatile strap, no matter how you wear it, it is easily accessed in seconds
  • May not be suitable for long mountain climbing treks but great for rock or ice climbing
  • Check CircleSmall but plenty of snaps for attaching additional gear


  • Small size may not be suitable for extensive carry
  • A single strap can be a nuisance to some
  • banZipper quality is not ideal

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5. Maxpedition Falcon-II Backpack

As with the other contenders, this pack is water resistant and highly durable, made entirely of 1050 Denier nylon. It boasts a specific “Y-shape” midline, which distributes weight more evenly to prevent too much pressure on your back. The straps for the shoulder, waist, and sternum are also padded to all but eliminate painful pressure points.

It also features double stitching and strong zippers for extra support, so you can have confidence that this bag can handle whatever weight you put into it. It also has a rear zipper pouch with enough space for up to two 100-ounce water containers, which can be installed easily with features like a covered port opening as well as feeder loops for tubing along the straps.


  • Padded straps and Y-shape midline maximize comfort, even when bag is full
  • Nylon fabric is durable and water resistant
  • Rear pocket for water makes hydration easy and simple
  • Check CircleLarge number of storage compartments


  • Many feel the price is too high for the product
  • Can get a bit heavy, even with the weight distribution
  • banBecause of the water pouch, it does not have a bottle holder

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6. Eberlestock Halftrack Backpack

This bag is one of the “leaner” designs on the list, longer rather than wider. It boasts up to 2,150 cubic inches for storage space, making it a great travel backpack in many scenarios. It has a number of pockets of different sizes for supplies of all kinds.

It also features a top modular pouch, as well as dual water pouches on both sides, to keep important, smaller items close by within reach. With impressive side compression straps, you will find this bag has great load bearing control and minimizes your profile. It also has an easy-access rain cover, which comes from the bottom of the pack to protect your items in stormy weather.

For comfort, the backpack is well padded and supported. The straps are adjustable for the perfect fit for any weight and situation.


  • For its size, boasts an impressive load capacity
  • Padded straps and back for maximum comfort
  • Up to 4 hydration pouches available
  • Check CircleEasy to use and adjust for the right fit


  • The pockets are not organized
  • It needs a cover to protect from weather, so it is less suitable for extreme weather conditions

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7. Sandpiper of California Long Range Bugout Backpack

This backpack has an astonishing 5,600 cubic inches of space when fully expanded, although that can result in a bulky carrying experience. However, its size and adaptability make it a great companion for multi-day excursions. Made of abrasion resistant 1000-denier nylon, and featuring some durable compression straps, this bag is perfect for compact carrying.

It has plenty of support and reinforcement, including aluminium backstays, a shoulder harness (optional), and a comfortable, padded waist belt for easy toting. With a large expandable main pocket, a pocket for a hydration system, and durable external MOLLE webbing, this bag is readily adaptable and versatile.

Furthermore, the backpack is modern and stylish, making it great for both adventurers and people looking for a durable backpack. It also features a water resistant cover for extra weather protection.


  • Great for quick movements, like hiking and running trails
  • Comfortable, with padding and compression straps for easy carrying
  • Features many strong zippers for extra security
  • Check CircleSleek and stylish


  • It can easily get a bit heavy
  • Its size makes it more suitable for long range trips, though of course it can be used for a regular backpack – but its size makes it difficult

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8. Blackhawk Cyane Dynamic

This bag is constructed with 500-denier tear resistant nylon for firm durability. It has a “beaver tail” style front pocket for storing irregularly shaped objects with ease, making storage easier.

The Cyane Dynamic pack has front zipper pockets, a central back compartment, and open air middle storage space that is perfect for holding bedrolls, clothes, helmets, and other gear for long trips.

There is plenty of MOLLE webbing all around the bag, which is great for additional attachments and gear where necessary. It has a built-in space for a 100-ounce water pouch and elastic covered ports for tubing for the hydration system. The back is mesh and padded for maximum comfort, and it features strong compression straps.


  • Highly durable nylon construction
  • Great storage space for its size
  • Zippers are strong but easy to grip
  • Check CircleEasily adaptable for different situations


  • Some consider it too expensive
  • Could have some more organization

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9. 5.11 Tactical All Hazards Prime Backpack

This bag is lowkey, but features a decent amount of space and many features that make it the perfect, compact tactical pack. It has lanyards mounted on the sides and numerous MOLLE webbed pouches for customized usage. It also has a central “shove it” pouch for oddly shaped items.

It even has a padded laptop sleeve, as well as a pocket for hydration system storage. For extra organization and gear arrangement, the pack has tear out mesh pockets and internal webbing for quick access of medical and emergency supplies. The front compartment also has a bright orange lining for signalling others when lost.


  • Small, compact, and breathable for easy carrying
  • Easily customized to fit everything you need
  • Very spacious despite its small size


  • It is a little expensive
  • A bit plain looking – but good at what it is meant to do

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Ultimately, only you know what you need from your tactical backpack. If you want a hydration system built in to your bag, make sure you get one that has the space for it. If you are a first responder, you might want something more compact. If you are a climber, something small and unobtrusive that still has all your gear and supplies may be what you need. In the end, only you know.

With this list and you desires, now is the time to get your tactical backpack and start your adventures.


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