The Best Backpack Diaper Bag For Twins

When it comes to having twins, the best thing you can do is be prepared. Arming yourself with the best backpack diaper bag for twins means you’re already ahead of the game.

You may think buying a classic over-the-shoulder duffel diaper bag is sufficient, but we’re here to tell you otherwise. From weight distribution to making a fashion statement, there are a ton of reasons why opting for a backpack-style diaper bag is the way to go.

But no simple backpack will do the job. It’s essential to purchase a backpack specifically designed to handle all that two children need to be safe and sound. These backpacks have tons of interior space, plenty of handy pockets, and insulated areas to maintain a steady internal temperature. Most of these backpacks even have built-in stroller straps, so parents can switch from backpack mode to stroller mode efficiently. Let’s take a look at what makes the best backpack diaper bag for twins.

Best Backpack Diaper Bag For Twins Comparison Table

Why Diaper Backpacks Have Duffel Diaper Bags Beat

grey colored best backpack diaper bag for twins

Traditionally, parents carried baby necessities in over-the-shoulder duffle-style bags. While those kinds of bags still exist, more and more parents are making the switch to backpacks. Before embarking on our journey, it’s important to highlight a few reasons why backpack diaper backs trump duffel bag-styled diaper bags on virtually every level.

Better weight distribution

Ask anyone who carried over-the-shoulder bags what their number one complaint is, and we guarantee its shoulder and neck pain. Both over-the-shoulder and cross-body bags have the same problem: all the bag’s weight is on that one shoulder. Whether you’re carrying camping equipment or school textbooks, a bag with one strap just won’t cut it.

So when it comes to the best bag for carrying things for your kids, a backpack should be your first option. Two straps mean there is equal weight distribution on both shoulders. Not only does this mean your balance is significantly better, but it also means you’re able to carry more weight. Parents know that the more they can carry comfortably, the better prepared they’ll be for the day.

Free up your hands

Every parent or person who carries a purse knows how annoying it is to re-adjust an over-the-shoulder bag continually. Couple that with the bag’s weight and needy infants and its a recipe for disaster. While you can turn your shoulder bag into a cross-body bag, you’re practically guaranteeing a brush burn. Setting it on the ground is also not an option if you’re trying to get from point A to point B.

One of the best features of a backpack is the ability to carry plenty of necessities without the use of your hands. You’ll have a full range of motion in your arms while still carrying everything on your person. Holding one child’s hand while the other is in the stroller is made more comfortable with a backpack — no fumbling with the bag’s strap, and no accidentally bumping your child’s head. Furthermore, your stroller won’t tip back accidentally with the weight of the bag, should it be empty.


When you’re carrying around a diaper bag for one child, you could get away with a smaller bag disguised as a regular purse. However, when it comes to twins, your diaper bag will look like just that: a large diaper pack. Plus, once your twins are old enough, you won’t need that large diaper bag at all.

Fortunately, even the most inexpensive best backpack diaper bag for twins look like everyday backpacks. A high price tag on a large backpack diaper bag often stems from high-quality materials, innovative design, and a fashion-forward look. Some of the best backpack diaper bag for twins look like they come straight out of a glamorous magazine. Plus, when the twins are out of diapers, the backpack makes a great addition to any trip to the park.

What to Look for to Find the Best Backpack Diaper Bag for Twins

inside look of a best backpack diaper bag for twins

The best backpack diaper bag for twins is different for everyone. Some parents want as many divisions as possible while others want useful technical aspects. We’ve highlighted a few important features you should look for when on the hunt for a new diaper backpack.

Pockets and divisions

Most of our best backpack diaper bag for twins have lots of pockets. Generally speaking, there is waterproof insulation inside to keep items such as food and milk bottles warm. Then there are pockets (and even double pockets) along the side and front to hold anything from a changing pad to extra clothes. Within those compartments are enough zippers, mesh panels, and elastic insides to make military men envious.

Comfort and durability

Comfort is the (if not one of the) most important things to consider when purchasing a backpack diaper bag. You’ll be carrying quite a lot of weight, so make sure it’s well-padded. Thread your arms through the shoulder straps and decipher if the cushioned straps are to your liking. Does the back of the backpack offer strong support so that your items don’t crush your lower back? These are things to consider before buying.

Even if a backpack diaper bag checks all the boxes, failure is inevitable when you find out you can’t wash it. Parents face messes day in and day out. Multiply that by two, and you’ll quickly be thankful once you find a bag you can completely immerse and wash in your laundry sink. Lastly, after many uses and washes, you’ll need a backpack that withstands all that life throws at you. Investing in a quality backpack for twins isn’t as painful if you know it’ll last you more than just a couple of uses.


One of the most important features is how the backpack looks. The best backpack diaper bag for twins won’t look like a diaper bag. They’ll look like a backpack you’ll haul on a picnic carrying all the necessities for a fun day at the park. Gone are the ugly, infantile-looking diaper bags of generations past. Hello chic, adorable backpacks packed with everything you need to ensure your babies have a fantastic day.

How We Reviewed the Best Backpack Diaper Bag for Twins

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Choosing the best backpack diaper bag for twins was no easy feat. We combed through the vast world of the internet to bring you the best of the best. We used real customer reviews and feedback to determine which backpack diaper bags are worth their weight in gold.

Taking a Look at the Options

We’ve narrowed down the list to six of the best backpack diaper bag for twins.

Bag Nation’s diaper backpack

This Bag Nation diaper backpack could be easily mistaken as a backpacker’s go-to travel pack. Its subtle design and excellent use of space make it one of our top choices. Lightweight and water-resistant, the makers promise to deliver when it comes to the number of pockets and high-quality design. This diaper backpack features 14 pockets, including an insulated bottle pocket and a dedicated wipes pocket for emergencies. It also has ergonomic padded shoulder straps. It’s a durable fabric, and Bag Nation promises the stitches won’t fray no matter the bag’s weight. This bag comes in grey or navy blue.

Customers sing about how they love the bag’s design, especially the emergency wipe pocket, which helps when it comes time to clean up unexpected messes quickly. They’re also impressed with how many items it can comfortably hold, making it a strong contender for the best backpack diaper bag for twins. Many, however, complained of poorly-constructed shoulder straps and an unbalanced base resulting in tipping. However, overall, customer satisfaction is high with this product.

Jeep baby diaper bag

Our second contender for the best backpack diaper bag for twins is the Jeep backpack diaper bag. It boasts a total of 12 pockets, including a middle insulated compartment for maintaining a steady temperature. Like the previous model, it also features a pocket for wipes. However, this one is made of hard plastic and has a cover to stop the wipes from drying or catching. Made of 100-percent polyester, this Jeep backpack diaper bag also boasts adjustable padded shoulder straps and stroller straps. While finding this bag online is easy, it may take some digging to purchase one in-store successfully. Brick-and-mortar stores such as Walmart sell this backpack; however, they have not been in stock for some time.

Many buyers complain of this pack’s low-quality zippers and wipe cover flap. Many customers purchased the bag knowing its deficiencies but still adore the bag because of its low price. Nevertheless, those who loved their purchase praised the bag for delivering more than sufficient room for two kids worth of items. The backpack works for either parent regardless of their stature, and the plastic wipes case can be swapped out for a case of your choice.

Fillberry diaper backpack

Next up is the Fillberry backpack diaper bag set. Unlike previous picks, this is a set instead of one large backpack. Parents can get away with the smaller of the bags for short trips. Longer excursions require the larger of the two. Finally, the smaller bag can attach to the larger bag to combine the two and make an even bigger backpack. This combination is ideal for parents looking for the best backpack diaper bag for twins that is also extremely versatile. Combined, the two packs boast 17 individual pockets, a padded changing mat, and stroller straps. This backpack also boasts a magnetic cellphone pocket, an insulated pocket, and two waterproof pockets to keep soiled/wet items separated. Plus, the exterior color is gender neutral. The interior is light grey, so visibility is not a problem.

A few customers heralded this pack as the best backpack diaper bag for twins because of its versatility and thoughtful design. Growing families loved the option of dividing the weight between parents by separating the two backpacks. Others use the smaller of the two packs as an emergency diaper pack in case of blowouts. One customer complained about the zipper to the manufacturer and received a replacement. The manufacturer also replies to many of these Amazon reviews, which shows excellent customer service and a willingness to improve.

Shona quilted diaper backpack

Many of the best backpack diaper bags for twins on this list are comparable to the Shona quilted diaper backpack. It boasts many similar features as other diaper backpacks including stroller straps, a side wipe dispenser, and water-resistant polyester fabric. The Shona backpack contains 11 pockets, which include zippered front pockets, insulated side pockets, and a single large pocket to accommodate changing pads or laptops up to 15 inches. Shona boasts that their cushioned shoulder straps are wider than most, so those with broad shoulders don’t feel squeezed. Plus, it comes with two separate insulated storage cubes, a changing pad, and a dry bag.

Some customers even went as far as to compare the Shona with its competitor: the Terra Baby backpack diaper bag. The Shona backpack trumped the Terra Baby in almost all aspects including its superior padded straps and increased interior volume (best for more than one child). Most of the lower-star reviews are due to broken zippers and an unfashionable choice of material. But otherwise, most customers were content with their purchase, especially considering its low price.

Skip Hop diaper backpack

The Skip Hop Chelsea diaper backpack is arguably the most stylish of the list. This diaper pack is the best diaper backpack diaper bag for twins for fashionable mamas who don’t want to trade fashion for function. This backpack features metal hardware (zippers and feet), faux leather details, and an expandable drawstring opening. It also has features similar to other diaper backpacks including adjustable straps, clip-on stroller straps, and insulated bottle pockets. It also comes with a cushioned changing pad for impromptu diaper changes. However, you won’t find this diaper backpack at brick-and-mortar stores. Instead, you’ll have to purchase it online using Amazon or the manufacturer’s website.

Reviewers are citing about the products gorgeous exterior and plenty of internal space. However, when buyers compared this bag to its direct competitor (the JuJube diaper bag), they had plenty to say. While the price tag is smaller, the quality of the exterior doesn’t compare to the JuJube in regards to comfort and materials. Despite that, most customers love its metal feet to keep the bag’s base clean and dry, plus the ability to use it as a backpack or messenger-style bag.

Upsimples diaper backpack

The Upsimples Multi-Functional Maternity diaper bag is one of the most cost-effective diaper bags of the list. Although its price is low, the Upsimples bag contains a slew of high-quality finishes. It features a special laptop pocket, a charging port, two waterproof pockets, and an insulated pocket with three bottle pockets. Inside, the bag has a capacity of 25 liters with plenty of compartments, making it more than spacious for mamas with twins.

Many new parents think that the best backpack diaper bag for twins comes with a hefty price tag. Many customers gave this diaper backpack a 5 star rating for its waterproof interior and super thick shoulder straps. This product isn’t without its complaints, however, as some buyers like the design but think there could be more done to distribute weight more evenly. Others argue that the bag isn’t worth its price due to ill-designed openings and small side pockets.

Which One Is the Best Backpack Diaper Bag for Twins?

carrying a grey best backpack diaper bag for twins while riding the bicycle

Deciding which one is the best backpack diaper bag for twins for your family is a tough decision. However, when it comes to high-quality materials, thoughtful design, and value for money, we would opt for Fillberry’s diaper backpack. Its gender-neutral color scheme works no matter your child’s gender, and the ability to combine backpacks and distribute weight amongst family members is a great bonus.

Do you own a backpack diaper bag that works for your twins? Tell us about the pros and cons!


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