Hello! Thanks for visiting The Sack on Your Back! I’m Gary, the chief editor for the site, and my obsession with backpacks can probably be traced back to elementary school. The real adventure began when I worked for an outdoor gear shop during the summer and had the opportunity to test the products while camping and canoeing around North Carolina.

As a journalism major in college, I realized I wanted to write for the outdoor space. I began hiking more of my area and planned backpacking trips with friends to the national parks.

Backpacking has allowed me to sleep under the stars and along riverbanks. Because I carry all my supplies right on my back, I’m free to hike all day or simply fish on the lake. Even my dog carries her own backpack for our adventures, so I don’t worry about keeping her food and water in my bag.

I love to share my experiences with the backpacking and camping products on the market, as well as packing guides to making your own travels easier.

Our writing team is made up of fellow explorers, photographers, and hikers who believe that backpacks help you live your most adventurous life.

While the majority of our readers won’t be fitting two weeks’ worth of supplies into a backpack, we know some of you want to find the best bag for your commute or weekend flight. Maybe you want to teach your kids the benefits of surviving outside.

Whether you need a professional camera bag to capture mountaintop engagement sessions or an option to balance the work-weight on your shoulders, we just want you to explore the outdoors you love.

We hope you find the information here helpful and inspiring. If you have a product you want us to review or you’d like to share your own favorite supplies to take on hikes, please send us an message or leave a comment on a post.