You’re an active bunch and, since you are, backpacks are essential. It doesn’t matter if you’re scaling a mountain, hiking a trail, or going to school -- you need some way to carry all your stuff. We know The Sack on Your Back is as important as the things you put inside. That’s why we take the guessing game out of choosing the best one for you.

And we don’t stop there.

To The Sack on Your Back, backpacks aren’t just a thing, they’re a way of life. We believe backpacking is a great way to see the world and we know everything you need to take with you. That’s right. We not only review the best backpacks so you don’t have to, we also give you ideas on what to take with you when you go.

Don’t think we forgot the gear either, because we didn’t. After all, carrying the right sack on your back is great, but your shoes and other essential need to be on point too. But not to worry, The Sack on Your Back covers those for you.

Wherever you’re going or whatever you’re doing, The Sack on Your Back has info specially tailored with you in mind.

None of this would be possible though without a knowledgeable team, so let’s meet them.

Marsha Urquhart

Marsha Urquhart
Chief Editor

Now, Marsha has an interesting story that led her to The Sack on Your Back. As long as she can remember, NAME wanted to see the world. Traveling was her number one ambition. Her only hold up was her cat, Fritzy. How could she possibly travel and leave him behind?

Well, she didn’t. She scoured everywhere looking for the perfect backpack and gear to accommodate her AND Fritzy. After an exhaustive search, she found it and off they went on their three-year adventure. Marsha and Fritzy went through many trial and errors in their travels, but the great thing is -- she brings that knowledge to you.

Marsha makes sure that every piece of information on The Sack on Your Back is brimming with helpful and truthful things you can use on your upcoming adventures.

Email: marsha@thesackonyourback.com
Renee Dickson

Renee Dickson
Public Relations Manager

Renee brings The Sack on Your Back to the masses. She works with different brands who make the best backpacks and gear and lets you know how our site is working on your side. From charity work to organized hikes -- if it’s happening at The Sack on Your Back, you’ll know.

And there’s really no better person to be bring The Sack on Your Back to you.

As we said, she is a serial hiker. Every chance she gets, Renee is out on another adventure with her backpack in tow. She must have at least 20 by now and a closet full of gear, but that’s okay because it makes her perfectly suited for her job here at The Sack on Your Back.

Email: renee@thesackonyourback.com
Donald Hunsicker

Donald Hunsicker
Social Media Manager

Active people like you are always on the go, and Donald knows we might only catch you on social media. That’s where he shines!

If The Sack on Your Back has something to say, Donald brings it to you wherever you hang out. Whether you tweet, Facebook, or just like to scroll on Pinterest, rest assured you’ll be up to date on the latest from us. Our social media communities are full of people just like you. They’re out there with their sacks on their backs, doing their thing, and sharing what they’ve learned with other like-minded folks.

And hashtags? Fugetaboutit! Native New Yorker, Donald is a pro and his twitter chats are not to be missed. They’re chock full of info you’re not going to find. The funny thing is, half the time Donald runs them from the road -- with a sack squarely on his back. 

He’s the adventuring kind. Heck, we all are. And you are too. So, follow us on Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest (or all three) and let Donald keep you up to date on everything we have to say at The Sack on Your Back.

Email: donald@thesackonyourback.com